Party DJ for School Events: IT’S TIME TO PARTY!!!

Whether it’s a Prom, Homecoming, 8th Grade Dance, or 5th Grade Social, for parents, teachers & faculty, music selection is always a BIG concern! Rest assured, that when you hire us (we are School Board Certified for all public schools in the state of Florida) to DJ your School Event, we only play clean & completely censored versions of the songs the students know & love to hear. In the planning process we collaborate closely with faculty as well as student councils on all aspects of the dances, especially the variety of music to make sure everyone has a good time. Ultimately a great school dance should be about having a blast & creating a lifetime of memories in a safe, wholesome manner. Once you combine a State of the Art Sound System, Lighting for the Dance Floor & a approachable, interactive, fun DJ, the end result is always a Clean, Positive, Safe, Successful & Memorable event for all students!!


 We would be happy to provide you with information on pricing and availability.